Looking for something to do in Punta Gorda? Below are some of the best things to do any day of the week.

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1. Fisherman's village

Right at the edge of downtown Punta Gorda, past Gilchrist Park, and past the beautiful row of colorful houses across from it, you'll find yourself in front of a magnificent blue complex, known as Fisherman's Village.

2. Local Parks

Punta Gorda is home to two parks, both located on opposite ends of the town, with two entirely different feels. So no matter the type of tourist you are, you're sure to enjoy at least one to spend some leisure-time in.

3. Restaurants

4. Fishing & Fishing Charters

Before you attempt any fishing, you need to be aware of the local licenses and requirements.

5. Farmer's Market Downtown Punta Gorda

If you happen to be walking around downtown Punta Gorda on a Saturday, you may just have a chance of running into the best farmers market in Florida.

6. The Sandlot/Tracks and Trails Area

The Sandlot/Tracks and Trails Area is for people looking for "excitement."

7. Babcock Ranch Development

8. Nature Preserves

Okay, maybe the restaurants and shopping centers aren't your style, and you're a bit more of the tree hugging type.

9. Vietnam Memorial

10. Bike Rentals