Okay, maybe the restaurants and shopping centers aren't your style, and you're a bit more of the tree hugging type.

In which case, you'll definitely want to make your way to one of Punta Gordas many nature trails, preserves, and habitats!

Punta Gorda has a bustling ecosystem, mainly consisting of mangroves, aquatic birds, and other species found close to the everglades. Due to the towns intense tropical climate, you'll find some of the most strange, yet charming mixes of flora and fauna the state of Florida has to offer!

A few key points of interest are the Charlotte Harbor Preserve Nature Walk, Punta Gorda Nature Park, and Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center. Most of these places will consist of trails cut through the extremely dense fields of palm trees, mangroves, and other swamp-like areas, and if you've never seen an alligator in person, this is a very good opportunity to do so!

In fact, there's a few tours out there that even let you pet a baby alligator! (With the supervision of a trained professional, of course) If you're visiting from up north though, you'll definitely want to bring some sunscreen and mosquito repellent, especially if you find yourself in some of the more damp parts of the tamed wilderness!