Before you attempt any fishing, you need to be aware of the local licenses and requirements.

For this reason, if you are just visiting, you may want to consider a fishing charter that can assist with what you will need for your fishing adventure.

If you're planning on staying a while or moving to the area, then you should know that Punta Gorda is known for it's fishing. In fact, the local high school, Charlotte High's own mascot is the Fighting Tarpon. Tarpon is one of the town's signature catches, but along with that, we also have plenty of snook, redfish, spotted sea trout, sharks, grouper, cobia, and I could go on!

Punta Gorda's harbor is an incredible place to catch fish, and with a bustling ecosystem such as ours, you're sure to reel in something nice! Some of the spots that are common to see reels out are the docks of various parks, or basically anywhere the water is touching the land, which is a lot of the town! In fact, an average walk through Punta Gorda on the right day and you just might find more fishermen than pedestrians!

And if you happen to talk to a local fisher, you may just get some helpful info on some good spots! All in all, abundance of fishing spots and the large fishing culture here is one of our towns main attractions, so even if you don't find yourself to be aquatically inclined, you may just surprise yourself and have some fun!